Does Minivan = Mom?

Does driving a minivan make you an official mom? If it does, then count me in!

From the moment I found I was having twins, I knew that a minivan was the only option for me. While I haven’t had the full first hand experience of twins, I’ve been on the periphery of my brother and sister in law raising theirs. I saw how uncomfortable it was for them to fit 2 car seats in a small SUV like mine. It’s not to say that you can’t survive, but being on the taller end, I knew it would mean being pushed up to the steering wheel to accommodate the infant carseat. I also knew it meant only someone with a small behind could sit in the middle (been there done that). Not to mention small parking spaces and trying to wedge between a small open car door to get not just baby, but full on infant carseat out of that car.

They quickly ended up switching to a large SUV which worked great for them. Being a passenger in their car and also traveling with them in a rented minivan, I knew that the minivan was the better choice for me. Comfort over style, I know. The sliding doors and the huge trunk space were appealing features. Plus the fact that I do not have the driving/parking skills of my sister in law to effectively navigate one of those huge SUVs. I have a tendency to bump into walls and that’s just while walking!

So I am now the proud owner of a minivan. I have my carseats installed. I’m all ready for the twins’ arrival. Well all ready in respect to the car. Don’t get me started on all the anxiety of whether I’m really ready, which I know no one ever is.

3 thoughts on “Does Minivan = Mom?”

  1. Yay! Mini vans are pretty handy. Do you know who these little people are? You haven’t mentioned the sex or any names!

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