Back in the Saddle – At least Halfway

Last week was kind of a whirlwind as I went back to work and by Tuesday afternoon was on a plane to the CA office. With going to both offices, a board meeting and a travel day on Friday, it all flew by. It wasn’t without its stresses and annoyances, especially with things that are still open ended from when I left two months ago.

Everyone has been commenting on how refreshed, relaxed and tan I look. I’ve been hearing “You look great” so much that I’m really wondering what the hell I looked like before the break. My one true friend at work said that I just don’t look tired and angry anymore…we’ll see how long that lasts 🙂

Yesterday evening as it sunk in that it being Sunday meant I had work the next day, and then this morning as I drove the tedious commute, I was back to feeling tired before the week even began thinking of what was ahead of me. It’s not that things are crazy yet, but it’s that all the same problems are still there. I knew they weren’t going to go away, but part of me hoped that the distance would make me feel less frustrated by them. It didn’t. Which is why I’m glad that last week I let my boss know that I didn’t want to continue in my current position.

I always knew when taking the sabbatical that even if I decided I no longer wanted this job that I’d have to come back to formulate an actual exit strategy. I can’t leave everything up in the air, so I knew I’d be coming back for some length of time to help them find a replacement and keep things going. So that’s where I am at right now. It will be a few months.

The decision I have to start making for myself is whether to stay with the company in another capacity. This is the luxury I have by working in the family business…I have been given the option to create a new position if I want to. I mean, the position has to make sense and has to be approved by the board, but I still get the opportunity.

I have an idea, but it needs to be formulated further. There is also my idea and then where others have started to take that idea which might not fit into what I’d like to do, so that’s still a work in progress. I know some of you have been wondering what’s next. I’m not completely sure yet, but I’ll continue to share. The journey is by no means complete as career is only part of it. I am just getting started.

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