Choose Your Own Adventure

Do you remember the Choose Your Own Adventure books from when we were kids? Sometimes I think it would be cool if life was like that. You choose one path and see how it plays out and then go back and choose another one to see what changes in the outcome. Sometimes you end up in the same place and sometimes you end up somewhere completely different.

I don’t mean it in regretting a decision, so then you go and change your course. It’s more about having, or trying out, new experiences in the same period in your life.

Like I don’t regret for a second choosing where I went to college, but sometimes I wonder if I’d be in the same place now had I chosen a different school. Or what if I hadn’t been waiting outside that sushi restaurant senior year when I re-met the guy who would become by first love and instead had gone to the movies like I had been planning to? Or what if I hadn’t eaten that burger for lunch that made me lethargic for the rest of the day and had decided on that salad with tuna?

Choose Your Adventure or Sliding Doors…however you want to see it. It’s just interesting to think about the different adventures we may have had and the different ones we’ll continue to have.

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