Funny Rumors

A couple of weeks ago when I was telling one of my past employees, who still works in the company, that I was leaving my current position, she told me where she really thought I had gone for my sabbatical.

She said, “You were gone just long enough to have been on a reality show! We’ve been trying to figure out which one.”

I thought it was hilarious and I guess nowadays it’s what a lot of people do. It seems people had been talking about me while I was gone and some had their theories.

The reality show has become somewhat of a joke now between a few of us. Yesterday as I was meeting with someone she made a comment about whether the show I went to do was about to air. She hinted at a “Bachelor” type show to which I assured her I would never do. Not only does the whole concept gross me out a little bit, but I would not do a show where I’d have to wear a bikini everyday on air. I have standards!

She then joked about Real World to which I told her that it was likely if it was the 1990’s version and not what it is today. Although at this point, I’m way too old to be on that show 🙂

I wonder what people are thinking now. Although I haven’t decided whether to permanently leave the company as a whole, people know that I’m waffling between a new position and leaving, so let the rumors begin. Perhaps I’m waiting to hear whether I’ll be the next Bachelorette after my season airs!

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