This week I’ve been interviewing candidates to be my replacement at work. It’s been interesting to say the least. It is a slightly different mindset or approach than when you’re interviewing people that will report to you.

Regardless of the position, personality and energy are big factors for me. They are by no means the only factor, but I do pay close attention to whether I click with the person and whether I can see myself working well with him or her.

Personality is still important for me with this position, but I don’t have to focus as much on whether I’d be able to work with the person. It’s more if I think they’d work well with everyone else. Will they be able to handle my bosses sometime cryptic decisions without getting too frustrated? Do they have too much of an ego that can potentially rub some of their peers the wrong way? Are they strong enough while still being tactful to push certain things through?

The candidates have been somewhat opposites thus far and I have a feeling that my boss and I have different favorites.

The other part that has been interesting is to hear them talk about certain aspects of the job as pretty simple, like “oh it should be a breeze!” I know it’s an interview and they are essentially selling themselves, so of course I try my best to gauge the BS. However it’s hard not to come out of those interviews thinking, It’s the best thing for the company that I’m leaving because these guys seem to have a lot more figured out than I do.

I know that’s not completely true and that there’s plenty of strengths I have that they don’t possess. But I also know that they can bring a lot to the table from outside experience that will benefit the company.

Overall we have some pretty good candidates so far with a few more lined up to come in, so hopefully I can get past the awkward interviews and onto having one of them start. The flexible schedule has been really nice, but it’s made the work load heavier when I’m there. Having someone finally onboard and in training will help alleviate that.

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