This is the week…

This is the week that I’ll have the IUI. Last week was a nice little break from what has felt like the to do list or check list: fertility tests, choosing a donor, waiting for my cycle to start, psych eval, etc. After I went in last Saturday for the ultra sound, I was on a break from all that waiting until I start testing for ovulation this Tuesday.

I’m now starting to get anxious in terms of timing and everything working out the right way. I’m contemplating starting to test tomorrow just in case for some reason I ovulate early. Part of me wants to just get the positive result and go in for the IUI as early in the week as possible. The other part of me hopes that I don’t and I go in for the ultrasound Thursday and then trigger ovulation. For some reason I feel like that would be timed better although I know logically either way would work very similarly as it has to.

Whichever way happens, by this time next week I’ll definitely be in TWW (2 week waiting), which according to everything I read is torture. Most women start to feel every little thing happening in their body mistaking it for pregnancy symptoms that would be too early to have. I’ll wait until I get to the TWW to worry about it. For now I’ll just continue with being anxious for this week and my back to back IUI’s.

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