TWW Begins

Do you remember that episode of Friends where Pheobe gets the embryos implanted (not sure if that’s the right term)? She gets a positive pregnancy that same day. Well that’s not really how it works!

For months since I joined the SMC forum, I’ve been reading all about the horrors of TWW (2 week wait) and now I’m experiencing it first hand. I am officially in TWW after back to back IUIs on Thursday and Friday! It’s pretty surreal and I am strangely calm.

Going in on Thursday morning I was excited and anxious, but while the IUI was being done and as I drove off I was just calm and not anxious at all anymore. It was weird. Since then I’ve had moments of “OMG” but nothing that makes me think this still isn’t the right choice for me right now.

The true torture of TWW is that you notice every twinge in your body and think that it means something. At 1-2 days post IUI it really is nothing that I’m feeling. It might just even be the cramping from the IUI that the nurse said I could experience, but I can’t help visualizing all that could be happening in my tubes and uterus.

I’m keeping positive and hoping that these 2 weeks go by fairly quickly.

2 thoughts on “TWW Begins”

  1. The 2ww is the easy part! You just take good care of yourself and relax. For me the period of testing for ovulation stressed me out bad. I almost missed my ovulation and took a test on cd 16 and did the III the next morning! Keeping thoughts of fast sperm and sticky eggs!!!!

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