Post IVF Consult

A week ago I was at the beautiful Nizuc resort in Mexico feeling totally relaxed. It was a great idea to get leave town for a weekend and it was a much needed weekend of just eating, sleeping, reading and spa.

I have been focusing on letting go of stress related to “trying for baby.” Sometimes I’m successful and other times, not so much. I did have the post IVF consult with my doctor last week and we’re going to change up protocol a little bit with the next try.

Last try I took birth control pills the cycle prior to IVF. The pills are a form of suppression, so that when you stop and then start taking the stimulation meds, you should start seeing more follicle growth at a faster rate. The doctor said that some women with sensitive ovaries end up having a different effect, which is what apparently happened to me. By day 5 of meds it was like nothing was happening. Then it started too, but not at the rate he was hoping or expecting based on my response during my IUI tries.

So this next time, I’m going to start estrogen patches about a week after ovulation which is a milder form of supression (at least that’s what I understood). Then, once I start the stimulation meds, we’re going to start at a higher dosage. Both those things combined should result in a greater response. This at least would give me more eggs to fertilize and hopefully a wider pool of embryos to consider transferring.

Right now I am just waiting for my period to arrive. I spent all those months wishing it would not come and it usually came early. Now I’m late and I just want to get started. It’s murphy’s law, of course. I think my body is just out of whack from the chemical pregnancy. It’ll be about 3 weeks from now that I start the estrogen and then about a week after that would start stims again. I’m guessing retrieval will be mid-December.

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