Where did the year go?

We’ve reached the time of year when adults start to say to each other, “Where did the year go?” or “Can you believe it’s almost December?” I’ve had that conversation with at least 3 people in the last week.

Having a December birthday has meant, for me at least, a lot of reflection this time of year. Not only do I start thinking about what happened over the past year (2015), but also what has happened since I turned [insert age here]. Some years I have felt accomplished, but many years I have felt that I stayed still and didn’t accomplish much of what I had set out to do when the year began.

If I look at it from my usual perspective, then I’d tell you that since turning 35 not much has changed. If anything I am chubbier and much more a loner than I was at 34. If I pretend I’m a glass half full kind of gal (fake it till you make it!), then I’d tell you that I realized how strong yet vulnerable I could be this year. I’d tell you that I had a lot more determination and guts than I thought I had. Not only have I been going after a dream without giving up, but I’ve also taken on a new role at work that has forced me out of my comfort zone.

Do I wish I was already pregnant? Of course. I wish I was sitting here writing about the impending birth of my child. For whatever reason that hasn’t happened for me yet, but I have high hopes for my life at 36. Hopefully this time next year, I can be telling you about how I’m too tired to think about all that I accomplished in the past year.

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  1. Dear Sharon, I think you have accomplished a lot!! Maybe all that growth and strength that you have now doesn’t seem like much to you; I truly believe it is a great thing …congratulations!!!

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