Timing is everything

I’m back into the mode of looking at a calendar at least once a day to estimate when I might start my next cycle or when I would be perhaps getting the retrieval done, etc. It’s a strange addiction that comes with TTC. I need to look at every scenario and figure it out. Will I have to give myself the trigger shot during the holiday party? Will I be feeling bloated and gross on my birthday from swollen and full ovaries? Will the timing even work out for a December IVF cycle?

That last question is the one that hadn’t even dawned on me, but is now stressing me out. I started estrogen patches on Friday. When I called to ask the nurse a question, she very nicely plotted out all the dates for me so she could estimate when I’d start stimulation meds.

“You were told that we’re closed for 2 weeks in December, right?”

Silence on my end although my heart rate immediately started racing as I panicked.

“The last day for you to start stimulation and still make it in time is December 1st” she continued.

I stared at the calendar hanging in my office counting days even though I knew full well that December 1st is the day my period is due if it’s an exact 4 week cycle. It would suck to miss it by 1-2 days! In the past, I wouldn’t have been so worried. When not on progesterone, my cycles were shorter so it would be highly likely for December 1st to be no issue at all. However, my last cycle was 32 days and I have no idea what my body will do while on the estrogen.

“Is there anything I can do to get my period sooner?” I asked. “Will the cetrotide (which I start on the 27th) make any difference?”

“Not really…although some women get their period even before starting the cetrotide.”

Another panicked look at the calendar. I’ll be out of town Wednesday through Friday! I can’t miss my window for getting the blood work and ultrasound on day 2-3. I can’t even fathom having to wait until January. There’s nothing I can do about it. The “sweet spot” is obviously that my cycle starts this weekend, but even if it’s Thursday or Friday, I’d still make it in for the monitoring appointment. It really comes down to hoping that I have no longer than a 27 day cycle right now.

Oh the joys of the human body and having little to no control of when and how things happen!

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