I am thrilled to announce that I’m pregnant!

Many you may have already guessed from my radio silence for the last couple of months. I had fully intended to keep writing about random topics, but I could never figure out what to say that wasn’t about finally being pregnant.

I got my positive beta test on December 28th. It was 612, which was a vast improvement from last try were it was 27. I was tentatively excited. The second beta seemed to be what would really make me believe that this was actually happening. I had that second test on New Year’s Eve and it had doubled! That was the point when I felt comfortable enough telling my siblings. It all still felt surreal and I’ve got to say that even today at 12 weeks, after multiple ultrasounds, and major morning sickness, it still sometimes doesn’t feel real.

While I’ve started to feel better, the morning sickness has been pretty awful. The mornings are rough…really rough. I have to do everything in slow motion. I eat almost every hour on the hour and some days struggled to stay awake in the middle of the work day. Through all of the sickness, I just keep thinking that it’s proof that I’m pregnant and that the babies are growing like they should.

My beautiful babies at 12 weeks!
My beautiful babies at 12 weeks!

That’s right, I said babies! It’s twins! Even though I always knew that was a possibility, it has still been an adjustment to the idea of two, but I really couldn’t be happier. I hope you all understand why I stayed quiet until now and I’m very excited to continue sharing my story with you!

17 thoughts on “Finally!”

  1. Yayyy!!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼😘😘, I’m super excited for you and you are now being blessed with Twins! I was just thinking yesterday, Sharon hasn’t posted anything in a while!! Congrats Sharon, take care , besitos and eat! Lol

  2. I knew it I knew it I knew it!! I just knew your silence was a sign of wonderful news!!! I’m so happy for you 🙂 And you will see the moment those precious babies are in your arms and you get to know them what a blessing all the heartache leading up to them really was. Congratulations!!

  3. Congratulations!!! Morning sickness sucks…almost as much as people who say, “Oh, that’s a good sign, right?” So weird to want something so badly and then to feel so awful right when you finally get it.

    I hope it abates soon and you can start to fully enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.

  4. I when I saw your FB post I realized I had some serious catching up to do on your blog – so I’ve read it all from last December to today off and on since this morning!

    What a journey you have been on this year. It is a real gift to all your readers that you have so carefully documented what you could comfortably share of your process. As someone who is just starting to contemplate how to procreate in a same sex relationship it has been very insightful. And as someone with multiple friends who have struggled with infertility an ultimately used IVF successfully I found your thoughts enlightening. Thank you! And of course, congratulations!!!

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