After the Announcement

I want to start off by saying thank you to everyone for their well wishes, love and support. It has been quite overwhelming (in a good way) to hear from many people from different periods of my life, as well as from those that have “met” me through this blog. My twins also already have lots of friends with so many people being due in the next few months!

I had to come to California this week for work (and will be back next week) and the travel has been a little exhausting. I flew out Monday on a 7 AM flight in a cramped, pretty old American Airlines plane, with a middle seat. I somehow survived the 6 hour flight and thankfully had brought lots of snacks with me. The people next to me had to have thought I was crazy because I kept pulling different things out of my bag: nuts, apples, PB&J sandwich, etc.

The pat downs at the airport for opting out of going through the radiation machine are also pretty invasive. At least the woman this morning was friendly while she felt me up.

I checked my bag on Monday because I didn’t want to have to worry about lifting it and then of course it did not show up in San Francisco. I got to the office around 1 PM PST and had a full afternoon. At least I ended the day with a nice dinner with a friend, but by the time I got to the hotel I was exhausted and my bag had still not arrived! I was about to just go to sleep because I couldn’t stay awake any longer when it finally arrived.

I am now on a flight back to FL and thankfully have an aisle seat in the exit row. Much more comfortable, especially since I hate bothering people to get up and I’ve already used the bathroom twice!

I’m definitely adjusting to people knowing that I’m pregnant (well most work people still don’t know), but I think it’s for the best since I’m definitely beginning to show. I don’t think I can really hide it much longer even with all the loose shirts I’ve been wearing. I’m so happy I bought some maternity pants last week because they have been my life saver the last few days. I can’t imaging traveling with the button of my jeans pressing against my belly!

Any how, thanks again to all of you for your support. For all of you concerned about my morning sickness, it does keep getting better, so it looks like hopefully only a couple of more weeks to deal with that!

2 thoughts on “After the Announcement”

  1. This is so wonderful to catch up on! So happy for you and hang in there. Be glad you didn’t have to drive! I spent most of my pregnancy covering multiple offices up and down California and fighting the sleepiness was the worst knowing I had the precious cargo on board! It will all go by so quickly!

  2. Im secretly your secret admiror: yourdecision, perseverance ; your blog and your feelings are aninspiration to all of us. He pensado tanto si escribir o no pero ya estoy escribiendote con elcorazon: que todo siga por buencamino y estoy supercontenta por ti!

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