I feel like I’ve made progress in terms of preparation. I know I still have a lot to do, but I do feel a little more at ease. I think the biggest thing I was able to check off my to do list was finding a baby nurse. That had been stressing me out the most!

I had interviewed a few and while all were qualified, it felt like goldylocks: one was too expensive, one was too chatty, etc. When interviewing this last one, I felt like we clicked and that was important to me. They all had the experience and had been actual nurses in other countries, but I had to think of who I could live with for a few months and not go crazy.

Aside from that, I more or less have my registry finished, I know baby showers will all happen by end of June and I’ve got basics like onesies, socks, and sheets at home. I also have been packing some of my house little by little over the weekends. Even though I won’t be moving into the new house until probably October, I know that packing will get harder further into the pregnancy and may not even be doable with 2 newborns. I’m basically packing those things that I know I won’t be using even though it means having piles of boxes in the house. So far I’ve packed my books (at least 6 boxes), purses (2 large boxes), and some clothes that I know I won’t be wearing. There’s not much more that I won’t be needing, but I take comfort in feeling like I’m moving in the right direction in terms of organization.

There’s still lots to do, but at least I’ve made progress.

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