I have a screamer

When you have an infant that screams as her form of communication what do you do? They are way too young to learn a lesson, but at the same time you don’t want them to think that the world is about instant gratification.

Elena is a screamer. Like crazy screaming where you wonder if anything will calm her down. It can be hunger and until you get her bottle ready she’s uncontrollably creating a scene. It could be that she wants her pacifier, but then is too frustrated to feel it in her mouth. If you think it’s a dirty diaper and decide to change her, good luck to you. Sometimes running water calms her down and sometimes it doesn’t. Other times the AC running does the trick. But many times it is nothing in particular that gets her to stop (and then start again).

Once she’s calm, though, she’s like a little angel. One minute I want to return her to the sperm bank and the next minute I want to squeeze her and kiss her to pieces.

I think the screaming has gotten a little better or maybe I’ve grown more immune. The crazy thing is that I took her to a lunch this week with 40 people and she barely even opened her eyes. There was tons of noise and she slept through the whole thing! It was as if she thrives in noisier environments. Maybe she is an extrovert.

When she’s being difficult, I think about how at least Yael has a calmer temperament. She can have her fits and crying, but it is much less often.

Bottom line is that Yael may be the one that looks like me, but I think Elena might have my temper!

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