T minus 13 days

Two weeks from yesterday I’ll be back at work. I haven’t made any life changing decisions, but my 2 months are up. I have some half decisions made up in my mind that I’m not necessarily ready to share mainly because they are not fully fleshed out yet. I am still vacillating between some ideas…

The thing is, who says that my decision has to be life changing? As long as it is moving in a new direction than that is the first step. Right? I took the time off in order to take a breather and see if that was enough to make me happy again in my job. I didn’t want to dread driving to work in the morning.

I am ready to get back to some sort of routine and stimulation, but I am not sure that I want to be working at the stress level I was at before which left me with little energy to do much else outside of work. I have enjoyed more time for yoga, for friends and family and for writing. I want to find a way to balance those things. At the end of the day success should’t be whether you’re the CEO or not. It should be whether you’re happy with the work and the life outside of work. That’s where I want to get to; it’s the path that I hope I’ve started on and will continue on come July 7th when I’m back at the office.

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